Residents may contact our Office Manager for any questions, concerns or to contact the Board members when necessesary.  Please do not call any Board member at their individual homes.  The office phone number is (410) 515-3958. The office hours at Monday - from 12 noon - 5p.m., Tuesday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Residents may also contact the office via our website at if they wish.

Design Review Board matters are based upon what is written in the By-Laws of the Association and associated documents (Covenants, Resolutions, etc.) . All Design Review Board concerns must be made in writing and will be verified by a member of the Design Review Board Committee to validate the complaint. All complaints are kep confidential and your name will not be released to anyone outside the office and the Design Review Committee.

Association Dues:  

All homeowners are assessed a quarterly fee to help maintain the community amenities, common grounds and barn complex.  Townhouses are assessed an additional separate quarterly fee to pay for their lawn mowing, trash collection, snow removal, maintenance of their private blacktop court areas, street lighting, storm drains, maintenance,etc.

HOA Dues: $60.00 per quarter- Single Family Homes- General Fund

Townhouse Dues: $145.00 per quarter- Townhouse Family Homes- Municipal Fund

$60.00 per quarter- Townhouse Family Homes - General Fund

Total for Townhouse Dues per quarter is $205.00

Design Review Board: 

No Campers,Trailers and Boats are allowed except for in an enclosed garage.  Allowable fence hight (maximum) is 4 foot only - (open picket style, split rail, estate style). Please see HOA book for more details.  Design Review Board Applications can be downloaded on this website (forms) and must be submitted to the office along with all the required information (plats, drawings, permits).